abc fashion apart from being very creative and resourceful,handles a wide variety of fabrics for its customers' Apparels and Accessories.

Fabrics which are strength of abc fashion are following

Cottons : All Varieties of cottons and blends.
Voils Crepe Drills
Poplins Cambrics Twills
Canvas Denims Mesh
Hopsak Sheetings Yarn Dyeds(Checks,Stripes,Seer Sucker,Twills)
Rayon/Viscose : All varieties of Rayon and Blends.
Crepe Mesh  
31's Moss Crepe
Twill Georgette
Drill 120 grams plain weave.
Silk : All varieties of Silk and Blends.
Taby Chiffon  
Habutai Tussar
Satin Georgette
Crepe Ghicha
Polyester : All varieties of Polyester and Blends.
Jacquards Georgette  
Micro Crepe
Knit Yarn Dyeds
Satin Taby
Tapestries : All varieties of Polyester,Cotton,Rayon based tapestries.
Linens : All varieties and Blends of Linens.
Discharge Prints Hand Printing  
Pigment Prints Block Printing
Procion Prints Batiks
Panel Prints Tie Dyes
Digital Printing Ombre dyeing
Transfer Printing  
Knits : All varieties of Cotton,Rayon,Polyester based Knits
Wool : All varieties of Wool and Blends
100% Wool Wool/Viscose
Wool/Acrylic Wool/Modal
Leather : Variety of Leather with wide range of finishes.
Goat Buff
Sheep PU
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